Happy Birthday, Gymnasium!

Happy Birthday, Gymnasium!

On January, the 25th our gymnasium traditionally celebrated its birthday. All the students prepared carefully. The festive program began with the fourth-formers presentation of the Trip to Scandinavia. The new members of the gymnasium family the fifth-formers represented the class collectives. The sixth-formers greeted the gymnasium together with the literary characters, and the seventh-formers presented well-known scientific discoveries from their standpoint.

Warmest nationally colored greetings from England, Germany, Italy and France were extended by the eighth-formers. And the festive evening was completed by the Miss and Mr. of Scandinavian Gymnasium - 2011 Contest. The students of the 9th -11th  forms competed in different categories: dances, homework, business card, etc. Gura Alexander and Bulakh Oksana, the graduating students of the 11 form became the winners of the contest.

Felicitations on the victory!

Happy Birthday, Gymnasium

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Miss and Mr. of Scandinavian Gymnasium - 2011

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