Action Light a Candle!

Action Light a Candle!

On the 27th of November the lesson in memory of the victims of the 1933-1934 Famine took place at Scandinavian Gymnasium. The students voiced their views and sentiments in relation to the frightful tragedy of the Ukrainian people answering the questions Who benefited from the genocide of the grain-growing Ukrainian people?, What did the organizers of the Famine want to achieve?

The students of the gymnasium backed their thoughts by facts from history, literature and reminiscences of their relatives. Therefore, the sacred duty of our people is to engrave in our memory the names of all tortured and assassinated under the red flag, of those, who didnt live their lives, who didnt love their loves, the living and not born.

Let the memory of all victims of the Famine temper us, living, and give us strength and will, wisdom and inspiriting for strengthening our own state in our native land!

Hellish figures and words
Heart beating  like hammer
As if  the goddamned  comes to life
The year 1933
Famine,  death of starvation





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