Workshop for high school students

In October, the workshop to prepare 11-grade students for External Independent Evaluation in English: «Towards EIE 2017: Exam Readiness» took place at Scandinavian Gymnasium. Elena Mihoduy, a methodologist from Dinternal Pearson International educational and methodological center provided a series of training sessions to prepare high school students for EIE in English.

Each participant attended intensive workshops devoted to testing three parts of the External Independent Evaluation in the English language - "Reading", "Use of the Language," and "Writing."

Together with the teacher, 11-grade students had the opportunity to analyze the testing tasks in the "Reading" part of the previous years’ evaluations, typical mistakes, and learnt the ways not to make them.

Also, the students practiced to evaluate their written works using the EIE "Reading" assessment criteria.

Практикум для старшокласників

тренінги із підготовки до ЗНО з англійської мови

Практикум для старшокласників з англійської мови

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