For the Day of Physical Culture and Sports

Every year in September, the Day of Physical Culture and Sports – the holiday of might, beauty, health, harmony, and cheerful mood – is celebrated. Our congratulations to all those who love sports, who are ardent fans, who go in for sports, and all those who cannot imagine their lives without sports. Scandinavian Gymnasium is proud of our students – sports winners. Thus, in 2016, during the summer holidays, Daria Snihur, our tennis star, became the Champion of Europe (Loano, Italy) and the Champion of the World (World Junior Tennis Final, Prosteyov, Czech Republic).
On September the 9th, 2016 Darnitsa district administration congratulated the athletes on their victories with the "Sports Pride and Hope of Darnitsa" commemorative award. Our students, Catherine Maystrenko, Champion of Ukraine in rowing, and Maria Koshechko, the winner of the Karate World Cup, were awarded.

Also, the football team of the Scandinavian Gymnasium students born in 2005 won the 3rd place in the 5th stage of the citywide competition for All-Ukrainian "Leather Ball" Club prizes (Coach A. Borisenko).

Congratulations to our champions!

We wish you new victories and achievements!

День фізичної культури і спорту в Скандинавській гімназії

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До Дня фізичної культури і спорту

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