The Trip to Scandinavia

The 4th-formers are preparing to study Scandinavian languages in the 5th form of the gymnasium. On the 13th of February the traditional presentation «The Trip to Scandinavia» took place as a result of an interesting research work undertaken by the students, their teachers and parents.

Modern multimedia class equipment enabled the students to take a virtual trip to European countries, to get acquainted with everyday life of the people, picturesque scenery, achievements in science and various branches of economy.

It was very interesting and instructive for the 4th-formers to learn a lot about the political systems, history, culture and traditions of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

In the assembly hall of the gymnasium the final celebration was held attended by the 4th-formers who are going to study Scandinavian languages in the 5th form.

Travel to Scandinavia

February 13 was to Scandinavia Travel

In the hall school was closing celebration

In the hall school was  to Scandinavia Travel

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