Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Day

On December, 18 Saint Nicholas sent his angels with the gifts for the primary school students to Scandinavian Gymnasium and the devils came without invitation with birch-rods instead of gifts. But having visited the classes the guests found only truthful, obedient and hard-working children.

And he who loves Saint Nicholas,
And he who knows Saint Nicholas
Always gets Saint Nicholass
And all Ukrainian children know and love Saint Nicholas!

The students of the 3V form celebrated Saint Nicholas Day in a friendly family circle. The letters of best wishes for the holiday were read, and the children told the participants about their accomplishments. The children sang songs, recited poems and told about Ukrainian traditions.

The gifts have been given away, the smiles have begun to shine, and the holiday season has begun. Starting on Monday the entertaining program for the students The New-Year Kaleidoscope will get under way.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!