Norwegian presentation

Norwegian presentation

16 On December, 16 the representatives of the Norwegian company Telenor Anna Snitser, Anastasiya Gogoleva, Irene Nicholska-Roddvik together with a journalist and historian Galvor Chyon visited Scandinavian Gymnasium. A friendly meeting with high school students who study Swedish was organized.  Galvor Chyon presented his book Russ of the Vikings which depicts the historical contacts between Russ and Norway.

The people of Norway and Ukraine have long history although these states are young enough. The countries declared their independence only in the XX century. However, historically they had great impact far beyond their borders, especially in the Middle Ages, in times of the Vikings and Kiev Russ.

The publication of the book now is well-grounded. Ukraine and Sweden are strengthening   their political and economic collaboration. Our partnership in New Europe restores relations and collaboration between people that were always natural for our countries. The history of relations of Ukraine and Norway also is an important lesson for us which we have to take into account in the future.

The students had an opportunity not only to learn about the history of our people but also get autographed books as souvenirs. They are indeed a precious gift for the school because Russ of the Vikings is a unique edition not widely available.

We are grateful to Telenor Group for organizing the meeting!