Hans Christian Andersen Birthday

Hans Christian Andersen Birthday

On April, 02 the whole world celebrated the birthday of the well-known tale-teller Hans Christian Andersen.  In honor of this event the students of the 4А form prepared the «Fairy-tale» lesson-quiz. The 6А form organized a presentation in memory of the writer for the students who study Danish. The children showed fragments from the most known works of the tale-teller. Bright costumes, performance of young actors – everything amazed and carried the audience into a fairy-tale world.

All the fairy tales were performed in the native language of the writer – in the Danish language.  Long hours of  rehearsals, expressive stories, preparation of costumes … The scoring in the Danish language was perfect because the students put into this presentation all their skills, desires and fascinations. 

Beside creating the good mood, the 6А form encouraged the students to study the Danish language.

Pleasant memories and fairy-tale feelings and emotions remained with the students all day long!

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