Correspondence with the students of the Danish school

Correspondence with the students of the Danish school

The students of the 5А form successfully continue good traditions of correspondence initiated at Scandinavian gymnasium long time ago. This time the students of the 5th form of the school of the Danish city of Goodberg on the island of Fyun have become our pen-friends. In our time of internet and e-mail communication the children have a wonderful opportunity to develop their writing skills. Pictures and photos which the students send to each other make their correspondence yet more enthralling.

Now the 5А form is waiting for reply letters from the Danish children.

We are sure that our correspondence will be long and fruitful and, of course,  we look forward to the future meeting with our new friends here in Ukraine, in Scandinavian gymnasium, and we diligently study the Danish  language in order to freely socialize with our new friends in Denmark.

Листування з учнями данської школи

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