Two Hearts - One Soul

On May the 10th, 2017 the "Two Hearts - One Soul" online-conference dedicated to the life and work of the greatest poets of Georgia and Ukraine Lesya Ukrainka and David Guramishvili was held between Scandinavian Gymnasium and Tbilisi Public School#98.  Ukrainian and Georgian students carried out extensive research into the biographies of both poets and visited the museum of David Guramishvili in the town of Myrhorod, Poltava region, and the Museum of Lesya Ukrainka in the town of Surami, Georgia. The conference was attended by Victoria Lyalina, the Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs of the Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia, and Mikhail Boris, the Chairman of the Association of Ukrainians - Residents of Georgia. The event was also supported by Zurab Topuriya, the Cultural Attach? of the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine. This project was really unique because in the history of Georgian-Ukrainian cultural ties David Guramishvili and Lesya Ukrainka have a very special place. David, who was treacherously expelled from his native land, found refuge in Ukraine. In turn, the Georgian land for many years extended hospitality to Lesya Ukrainka. Our poetess said: "If I were not Ukrainian, I would like to be Georgian." They passed away on the first of August but at a distance of centuries. Both in Georgia and Ukraine on that day we commemorate the two poets. The partnership between the Georgian schools and Scandinavian Gymnasium is underway and this project has shown the importance of studying cultural values ??of other countries and international cooperation.