Quiz on Regional Ethnography 

On February the 17th, the "Welcome to Our Neighborhood" quiz was held at the specialized school #296. The students of Scandinavian Gymnasium took part in the game covering the topic "February Holidays in Great Britain." Four teams competed in the quiz. Scandinavian Gymnasium was represented by the students of the 7E form (K. Nagorna, D. Kapinus, L. Adamovska, K. Halushko, N. Prozhivalsky) and S. Myts, an English language teacher. To participate in the quiz, our team prepared its own name, logo and motto. The tasks of the game were based on local lore materials: Chinese New Year, St. Valentine Day, Pancake Day. The program consisted of presentations and interactive tests. In this interesting game, our team won and received an honorary certificate "Outstanding Intelligent Skills".