Model UN at Naukova Zmina  (Scientific Change) Lyceum

On February 17th-18th, 2017 UN Model "LNZMUN'2017" took place at Naukova Zmina Lyceum.

This is the second conference at this school where two teams from Scandinavian Gymnasium have participated. This time out teams represented the United States (Anastasia Perevereten, Alexandra Rekunova, Alexandra Osnach, Andriy KrutТ, Leonid Khomenko, Daria Zhiltsova) and the Russian Federation (Kateryna Pravik, Ivan Kirillov, Mykyta  Ivanchuk, Maria Kirichenko, Nikita Dyminich, Ian Savrasov).

In addition to the committee work, the participants were able to attend many conferences, panels, workshops and to meet interesting people. The conference ended with electing the Best Delegates, reading and voting on the resolutions at the General Assembly. 

By the way, we have to congratulate our students because at this year's UN Model at Naukova Zmina Lyceum five delegates representing our school, namely Leonid Khomenko, Anastasia Perevereten, Andriy KrutТ, Ivan Kirillov and Ian Savrasov, won the titles of the Best Delegates!!!

We are grateful to the organizers and the Secretariat of the Model for the high level of the conference!