Green Lesson

The problem of clean environment does not leave any man indifferent. The students of Scandinavian Gymnasium also actively participate in solving environmental problems. They take part in oral journals, presentations, discussions, exhibitions of hand-made articles.  

On April the 25th, the students of the 4th grade visited the village of Lebedivka near Kyiv water-storage pond where the fishing inspectors provided the Green Lesson for the pupils. They told the children about different fish in the river Dnipro, their reproduction and conservation. The kids were involved into a very useful practical activity: they made spawning nests and cleaned the forest from garbage. The pupils learned to be caring, responsible towards nature and to do good to people and our native land.

We are grateful to Vladimir N. Mukhin, our student's father, the Head of Kyiv Fishing Patrol, for organizing the wonderful event.