Forming Legal Culture 

In the Scandinavian Gymnasium, much attention is paid to the development of legal culture of the students. Thus, our sixth-graders attend the "University for Young Lawyers." This is a new social project of the Shevchenko Kyiv National University Faculty of Law. The project is aimed at 6th-8th- formers wishing to acquire new knowledge in the field of law. On February the 17th, the students of the 10B form took part and won the first place in the УPleadingsФ intellectual game that took place in Kyiv International University.

Congratulations to Anastasia Wilner and Alexandra Shypina who appeared in a worthy manner as a plaintiff and a defendant during the trial.

The defining characteristic of civic maturity is well-developed sense of justice - awareness of his or her rights, freedoms, duties, positive attitude to the Law. The prerequisite for formation and development of personality is primarily legal education.