Victory in STEM

What is STEM? STEM is an acronym used to refer to science (Science), technology (Technology), Engineering Design (Engineering), and Mathematics (Mathematics).

"STEM: professions of the future" is a unique project being implemented in the world for many years. It was launched in Ukraine last year. 20 schools in Kyiv participated in the project. For the second year in a row, 10-graders of Scandinavian Gymnasium had the opportunity to visit various classes, namely: computer science, physics, biology and chemistry in world-class companies such as Microsoft, Syngenta, UMG, SAP and Melexis. The participants in the project were greatly impressed.

They agreed that "STEM" is very helpful in choosing the future profession, in learning more about ICT development, microelectronics, biology and chemistry, as well as about the work in the companies. The girls participating in the project had the opportunity to meet successful women who had made careers in science and engineering professions.

In the final competition, each participating school had to offer their Speaker to speak about the STEM subjects. Darya Zhiltsova (10G) represented Scandinavian Gymnasium elaborating upon the subject "Mobile Photo. Interesting engineering solutions." Darya represented our school adequately and with great dignity.

The students of Scandinavian Gymnasium took part in the STEM-video final competition taking the first place for original ideas and creativity. Our gymnasium was awarded diplomas and certificates for surface activator (media device).

Congratulations to our students! We wish them success and inspiration!

Victory in STEM

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Victory in STEM 2016

Victory in STEM

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