Open Day at Kyiv International University

On April the 7th the professional orientation meeting of the ninth-graders at Kiev international University took place. Scandinavian Gymnasium and KIU concluded a cooperation agreement and the Days of Scandinavian Gymnasium at KIU have already become traditional.

The university college welcomes our 9-graders to continue their studies in the areas of law, economy, business, tourism, journalism, pharmacy, construction, civil engineering, and theatrics.

For our students the university and college teachers provided the following master classes:

  • psychological training to give the students orientation in the choice of future profession;
  • mini-quizzes "Erudite diplomat"; "Europe and I";
  • a press conference;
  • informative quizzes Fascinating Ukraine; "I know the world where I live"; " Ukraine and I ";
  • a jurisprudential debate "The world of the human rights advocate";
  • a cultural and diplomatic quest "We study the world through the language";
  • a creative art workshop.)

The students received Certificates of Participation and a lot of information on specialties studied at the university.

Scandinavian school students in Kim

workshop with leading experts with students

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