Meeting with Alexander Gavroche

"Literature makes it possible to liberate the imagination and to write about things that you probably havenТt seen, but you feel that way. This is another, higher level of writing,Ф says Alexander Gavroche, journalist and writer from Transcarpathia, who met with our students at the National Museum of Literature of Ukraine on April the 28th, 2016. The meeting was like a warm sincere conversation of friends and family.

Alexander Gavroche willingly answered studentsТ questions and the students shared their impressions of the works they had read. Such live dialogue inspires deep thinking, helps to find like-minded people, to believe in oneТs own strength because the works of the writer are not only about unique human and physical strength of the Ukrainian people but also about spiritual strength and fortitude in defending the truth, goodness and justice.

As a keepsake, the students gave Alexander Gavroche their creative works Ц illustrations and letters. Olesya Popovic and Alexandra Khmel (8B) read their poems written under the impression of the works of the writer.

Meeting with Alexander Gavroche

meeting pupils 6 H, 7 B, 8 B grade Scandinavian school of Alexander Gavroche

creative works of students of Scandinavian Gymnasium

Alexander Gavrosh creative meeting with students of Scandinavian Gymnasium

journalist and writer from Transcarpathia Alexander Gavroche

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