Finland: New Partnership

On April the 25th – 28th Scandinavian Gymnasium met the guests from the Finnish town of Reisjarvi. The students and teachers from the Finnish schools were enchanted with our city, our gymnasium and the hospitality of the Ukrainian families. The Finnish delegation took part in educational and extracurricular activities, attended classes, travelled around Kyiv, visited historical sites.

The program was diverse and rich: seeing architectural monuments, visiting the Opera, and meeting Yuhoyu Virtanen, the Ambassador of Finland to Ukraine. They also made a trip to Mezhyhiria.

The students had the opportunity to compare the systems of education in Ukraine and in Finland. Also, they got a wonderful opportunity to practice Finnish and English. A journey of our students to the partner school in Finland is scheduled for the next academic year.

We invite everyone to participate!

guests from Finland in the Scandinavian school

tours for guests from the Finnish town of Flight Jarve

guests from the Finnish town Jarve flight with Scandinavian school students

guests from Finland in Scandinavian gymnasium April 25-28

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