Constellation of the Elementary School - 2016. Week of Creativity

On February the 15th a creative intellectual festival "Constellation of Elementary School — 2016" started at Scandinavian Gymnasium. The week of creativity under the slogan "Ukraine Is Famous for Its Talents" is a marathon of children's competitions, contests, concerts, and exhibitions.

From all art forms the fine arts are unique in character formation and spiritual development of younger generation. The knowledge of history and traditions of the people develops the ability to distinguish and compare works of art, expands and enriches the scientific view of the world.

On February the 15th and 18th creative workshops of career education and the fine arts opened their doors. The teachers Zoya Chernous and Anna Stetsishin helped the 1-4-formers to unleash their creativity in the framework of the "Colorful Ukraine" contest. The children showed knowledge of the Ukrainian traditions and Ukrainian attributes (national embroidery, a guelder-rose, a willow, a hollyhock, etc.), showed the ability to work with various materials. On February the 17th and the 18th our creative workshop on the fine arts "My blossoming Ukraine" (for 3-4 classes) continued the festival. It was organized and carried out by Irina Melnik and Natalya Logutenko. Little students showed their ability to create rich landscapes mixing colors and paints. The pictures were permeated with love to Motherland. The best works were displayed on the stands in the hall of the elementary school.

At the end of the week of creativity the elementary school students together with their teachers Natalya Logutenko, Natalya Korovkina, and Anna Stetsishin traveled from page to page of the oral magazine "With Ukraine in Heart". The teachers tried to bring up a child to love and respect his/her country by means of works of art (verses, songs, music, etc.). In the hall of the gymnasium personal exhibitions of little artists were presented.

The theater is one of the most important means of art which influences the soul of the little viewer. Therefore, a visit to Kyiv Academic Theater on Lipki and watching a remarkable performance "All Mice Love Cheese" on February the 16th became one of the most impressive events of the festival.

The little person who sits at a school desk looks at the world trustfully, with widely open eyes. His/her heart can respond to the remarkable and bright world at any time! We lead a little person along the road of beauty, goodness, happiness! The festival continues.

The most interesting lies ahead!

Holding creative and intellectual festival Constellation Elementary School - 2016

drawing lessons in the Scandinavian school

workshops on labor education and fine arts

Creative week in the Scandinavian school

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