Happy Anniversary!

On September the 26th Maria Sklodovska-Curie Lyceum in Sopot (Poland) celebrated its 70th anniversary. The Lyceum is a partner school of our gymnasium. Tatiana E. Pushkareva, the Headmistress of Scandinavian Gymnasium, and Anna V. Bryukhanova, a psychologist, visited the Polish school and congratulated colleagues on the momentous date.

It is one of the best high schools of the Coastal Territory. The lyceum is headed by Maria Starostka, the Headmistress, and has a glorious history. They invited the graduates of different years including friends from Ukraine and Belarus to celebrate the anniversary. The celebration took place in a Catholic Church, in the lyceum, as well as during the grand ball on the shore of the Baltic Sea.

Also, the Ukrainian delegation visited the University of Sopot headed by Teresa Martynyuk where our 11 graduates study and some of them even work. Polish teachers gave their regards to Ukrainian students with the wishes of peace and goodness. In spring, a trip of our students to the partner Lyceum and the University of Sopot will take place.

We invite you to join and enjoy the trip!

70 років І ліцею ім.М.Склодовської-Кюрі у м.Сопот

Happy Anniversary!

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Maria Sklodovska-Curie Lyceum in Sopot (Poland) celebrated its 70th anniversary

Maria Sklodovska-Curie Lyceum in Sopot

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