"We and Power" Completion of the project

Establishing the Ukrainian state of law, and developing the civil society are linked to involvement of our youth into participation in social and political life of the country. Creating active citizenship of high school students increases their awareness of cooperation with representatives of the various branches of government. The project "We and power" implemented at our gymnasium during the current school year contributed to formation of political culture of the students.

On May the 21st, 2015 the ceremony of closing the project took place. Tatyana E. Pushkareva, the Headmistress of Scandinavian Gymnasium, and G.I.  Goncharuk, the President of Kiyanka Association of Business and Professional Women, greeted the participants of the program.

They noted the importance of knowledge and skills obtained by the students during the participation in the program. Our senior students shared their impressions of the work in the project. Not only the students but also the parent community joined the discussion.

The award ceremony completed the holiday. The students got the Certificates of Completion the training program. We hope that the participants of the project will become well-known politicians in future and the first step to it was participation in the program.

"We and Power"

"We and Power" Completion of the project

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"We and Power" Completion of the project

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