UN Model: Scandy-2013

On the 29th – 30th of November 2013, the “UN Model: Scandy – 2013” Scientific Conference was held at Scandinavian Gymnasium. International cooperation is a key to sustainable development and security of the international community.

The United Nations Model is a game that simulates various meetings of the UN and the participants of the game act as diplomats who come from different countries and participate in the discussion of current issues on the agenda of the UN.

The forum began with the General Assembly opening ceremony. V. Dziuba, the Head of the Darnytsya District in Kyiv State Administration, Tatiana E. Pushkareva, the Headmistress Scandinavian Gymnasium, and E. Hlotova, the project organizer, addressed the delegates.

It was great to see the video address of the Secretariat of the Moscow UN Model and hear the words of appreciation and wishes of success in our game. In particular, the Russians noted the high level of our delegates who annually attend the games at Moscow State University.

This time, Alexander Krayev was chosen as the Secretary General of the Model, Gregory Medvedev - as a President. They have enough experience in preparing and conducting the game.

This year, Scandinavian Gymnasium graciously opened their doors for other schools - guests from Kyiv and the regions of Ukraine.

The conference program included the following issues:

  1. The Committee on Disarmament:
    The role of mediation in the peaceful settlement of dispute, prevention and settlement of armed conflicts.
  2. The Committee on Environment (UNEP):
    The role of UN in observance of the Kyoto and Montreal protocols protect the Earth's atmosphere.
    3. Human Rights Council:
    Protection and promotion of the realization of the rights of children deprived of their liberty.
    4. UNESCO:
    The development of a modern, high-quality and inclusive education.
    5. Economic and Social Council:
    International cooperation to eliminate orphans in the world.


A diplomatic party was held in the framework of the conference "UN Model: Scandy -2013" during which the participants followed all the rules and canons the Protocol. The ball began with the polonaise. After that the participants and spectators were captured by the Spanish Waltz, and the Waltz of the Flowers, passionate tango, graceful pad grass, and inflammatory sirtaki. The atmosphere was charming and joyful. Oleg Fedornyak and Marina Borscheva, the master and the mistress of the ball, welcomed the guests and enforced the diplomatic protocol.

The day after the committee meetings a special conference "The advantages and disadvantages of integration of Ukraine into the European Union" took place where the delegates had a debate.

The Conference ended in summarizing the resolutions, and rewarding the team members.

Farewell to "UN Model: Scandy-2013"!

Hello, " UN Model: Scandy-2014 "!

Success and inspiration to students and organizers!

Відео з відкриття

Група моделі Сканді-2013

UN Model: Scandy-2013 UN Model: Scandy-2013 UN Model: Scandy-2013
UN Model: Scandy-2013 UN Model: Scandy-2013 UN Model: Scandy-2013
UN Model: Scandy-2013 UN Model: Scandy-2013 UN Model: Scandy-2013
UN Model: Scandy-2013 UN Model: Scandy-2013 UN Model: Scandy-2013

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