The Swedish national holiday

On December the 12th all Swedes solemnly celebrate the memory of St. Lucia. This holiday doesn’t bypass the house of Mr. Håkan Hendstrom, the Defense Attaché of Sweden. So, this year, for the third time, Mr. Håkan kindly invited the "Funny Notes" choir of Scandinavian Gymnasium to beatify the holiday with traditional Swedish songs and poems.

The Attaché congratulated all the students and teachers on the upcoming holidays and wished them good health, happiness, love and peace in Ukraine!

Also, all students studying Swedish were involved into the celebration. Thus, the students of 5G class prepared festive performances with songs and poems. With the help of their parents they baked traditional cakes called "Saffron buns"

Christmas in Sweden is the largest and the longest holiday of the year beginning on the 13th of December on Saint Lucia's Day. Saint Lucia, the Queen of Light is dressed in white clothes and has a crown of candles on her head. She awakens her relatives with a "Santa Lucia" song and brings them breakfast.

The Swedish national holiday

vocal and choral ensemble Scandinavian Gymnasium Funny notes

By vocal and choral ensemble Scandinavian Gymnasium Funny notes

festive performances of songs and poems students 5 Class

The Swedish national holiday

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