Presentation of the "We and Power" project

On October the 13th the Assembly Hall of Scandinavian Gymnasium hosted the conference in the framework of the new "We and Power" project designed for the 9-11-graders. The events aimed at creating studentsТ political culture, active social position and sense of responsibility not only for their own fate but for the fate of Ukraine took place during the conference.

The program of the project included excursions to local and national legislative and executive bodies: the State Administration, Kyiv City Council, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, lectures about the structure of these bodies, their tasks, meetings with politicians, workshops and debates.

With the support of the "Kiyanka" Association of Business and Professional Women led by H. Goncharuk, at the founding conference our students met with Roman Ratushnyy, a Maidan participant, a student of Taras Shevchenko National University, Vitaliy Dyachuk, a student of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and Oleg Storozhuk, an ATO combatant.

The guests shared their experiences and perceptions of the events they participated in, answered numerous studentsТ questions. All the participants with a minute of silence honored the heroes willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of unity and freedom of our country. 

We are grateful to the heroes for their sacrifice, for their fight, and for their not giving up, for their faith and hope for the better future.

While such people live in our country - Ukraine cannot be beaten!

Presentation of the We and Power project

The conference participants new project we and the authorities in the Scandinavian school

formation of the political culture of senior

meeting of senior members of Yevromaydanu

performance of participants in the Scandinavian ATO school

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