"Light a Candle" Action

November the 22nd- the fourth Saturday of the month - is a day of remembrance of the victims of the Famines. On this day Ukraine and the whole world honor those killed during the genocide of 1932-1933. During the first lesson in each class the students remembered those tragic events - the darkest time in the history of Ukraine.

The students remembered millions of victims of this terrible crime, especially those who fought to the last. Thanks to each of those people we were not destroyed as a nation in 1933. The memory of this makes us unconquerable today.

As we learn more about the scale of the disaster, the ruthless executioners and defencelessness of the victims we make again a vain attempt to understand - why? what for? On this day we light candles in memory of the innocent victims and fall silent for a moment - together with all our country.

Light a Candle Action

Day Famine

Scandinavian Gymnasium

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