Initiation into First-Formers

It has become a tradition at our gymnasium to celebrate initiation into first-formers every year in October. So, on October the 24th, the smallest elementary school students gathered with their teachers and parents in the assembly hall. The Magician together with the fabulous characters attended the event as well as the Primer and the School Subjects who asked different riddles. Our younger students solved the riddles and showed their talents. They also promised to be hardworking and diligent. The oldest elementary school students Ц the 4th-formersЦ cheered and supported younger pupils gave them an opportunity to feel themselves part of a large, friendly school family. The senior friends gave the first-formers their student badges.

The Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre continued the holiday with the УPuss in BootsФ performance.

This extraordinary gift was received thanks to the "Scandy" Foundation. The holiday is over but the long and very difficult way to new knowledge is ahead, and our teachers and parents will be good companions on the road.  We wish our little school children to bravely explore the world of science, to make good friends with books, to be industrious, to cherish their native language and to love our Motherland. Let there always be kids laughing, charming sounds of music and young talents and pride of our school grow and work to improve themselves.

Initiation into First-Formers Initiation into First-Formers Initiation into First-Formers

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