Farewell to Primer!

For the whole year our smallest pupils followed the path to knowledge together with their faithful friend Ц the Primer. They showed their successes and achievements on the 16th and 17th of April at the "Farewell to Primer!" festival.

The assembly hall was festively decorated with letters of the alphabet, flowers, and colorful balls. The first-formers recited poems, sang songs, danced, entertained the guests, parents, and teachers. The "letters" and "figures" told about themselves in rhymes, fairy tales characters asked riddles, dramatized stories.

The faithful friends of first-formers Ц their textbooks "Reader", "Mathematics", "Ukrainian language" also came to congratulate their young friends and to thank them for their hard work during the school year.

Congratulations to first-graders who passed the first step in learning. Many thanks for the hard work to the teachers, to the parent committee for their great help in preparation and carrying out the holiday.

The fabulous atmosphere, jokes, sincerity, skills of young actors left no one indifferent. The holiday is over but the memories of it will be with us forever. Have a nice trip to knowledge, our young students!

Farewell Celebration Bukvaryku among first-Scandinavian Gymnasium

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