Aid to the Army

In September the whole school community of Scandinavian Gymnasium took an active part in helping our soldiers in ATO.

During the Charity Event we gathered 23 652 hryvnas and purchased 40 pairs of boots, so necessary for our military. The first 20 pairs were given to Vadym Krutiy, a representative of the news agency of the State Border Service of Ukraine who brought them to the border guards.

The following 20 pairs were given to volunteers of the "White Angels" and "Kievan Rus" battalions in Debaltsevo.

The self-government of the Gymnasium also collected a lot of pictures, letters, and craftworks for our soldiers. Together with the leaders of the "Arrow" our students painted the van with humanitarian aid that went to the zone of ATO.

We hope that such charity events will support the morale of our soldiers, and soon peace and harmony will reign in Ukraine.

Aid to the Army

Help Army ATO

the charity campaign in the Scandinavian school

charity event of the Scandinavian school students

transfer of military boots in the area ATO

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