To the new school year with new desks

On the 13th of July a guest - Bogdan Grebenyuk, the leader of the Darnytsya District Organization of the political party "Front of Changes" - visited our school. He didnТt come empty-handed: Mr. Grebenyuk made a present of 20 new desks and chairs, enough to furnish a whole class.

Any educational institution in Kyiv requires additional logistical updates. Although in comparison with other schools in our capital Scandinavian gymnasium is sufficiently equipped but the assistance of caring people is always appropriate. The Director of Scandinavian Gymnasium Tatiana E. Pushkareva thanked Mr. Grebenyuk for the support that he rendered.

"The conditions in which our children learn impact the level of their success because it is easier to concentrate in the lesson if you feel comfortable," said Bogdan Grebenyuk. He is convinced that if each of us tries to help others to the extent possible, the lives of all people will become better, kinder, brighter.

Therefore, Bogdan Grebenyuk for the past three years has been implementing social projects in the district attracting all volunteers. For example, in his office at number 17 Dragomanova Street a fund-raising activity takes place on a regular basis to help the boarding school for children with disabilities which is located in our neighborhood. People bring clothes, household items, toys, books, etc., that young orphanage children are very grateful for. Mr. Grebenyuk helps young politicians and old people; lawyers who work in his office give pensioners legal advice on raising their pensions. For elderly people it is very important. Initiated by Bogdan Grebenyuk the "Time to Live" program for the elderly is under way to assist older people gather into interest clubs.

It should be noted that the Scandinavian gymnasium - its highly professional teaching staff, traditions, material equipment - made a very positive impression on Bogdan Grebenyuk. Having noticed the guestТs interest the management of the school arranged for him a real tour, featuring gymnasium facilities, modern and spacious classrooms, specialized classrooms, assembly and sports halls, the dining room. Modern Danish, Finnish, Swedish textbooks used for learning the languages drew the guestТs particular attention because there are no analogues of such textbooks (of local publishers) in Ukraine.

"Visiting Scandinavian Gymnasium was a revelation for me. I am happy that in Kyiv there are schools where children have everything necessary to obtain a high level of knowledge. Of course, the management of the school has to take credit for that, especially its Director Tatyana E. Pushkareva who takes close to her heart all the school problems and tries to do more and more for the students every day. The level of knowledge that Scandinavian gymnasium provides enables the students to enter the best universities in Ukraine and Europe. I would like to express my gratitude to the pedagogical staff of Scandinavian gymnasium for bringing up our worthy successors: among your students there are future prominent economists, scientists and politicians "- Bohdan Grebenyuk.

To the  new school year with new desks

To the  new school year with new desks

To the  new school year with new desks

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