Meeting with a writer

On September the 23rd the students of 4V and 4B forms visited the Museum of Ukrainian Literature where they met the Chairman of the Creative Association of Children's Writers of Ukraine , Lesya Ukrainka prize winner, Honored Worker of Ukraine, Anatoly L. Kachan, the author of many books for children. The story about his life and work was very interesting.

The students read the poems by heart and created an exhibition of pictures, illustrations for Anatoly L. KachanТs poetry. All the pictures were wonderful but the writer liked the work of Sophia Kukhar, a student of the 4thgrade best of all.

In the list of creative achievements of the writer there are songs and poetry included into the childrenТs textbooks, and his numerous publications.

Anatoly Kachan is a funny, witty and wise person. The meeting with him was not only interesting and instructive but also encouraged the children to read the works of contemporary Ukrainian writers as well as to create their own books.

Meeting with a writer Meeting with a writer Meeting with a writer

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